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Dear future patients...

As a professional psychologist and therapist, I provide individual consultations based on support and understanding, and above all on finding, analyzing and solving the problem. I work with many specialists, psychologists and psychotherapists. My work is constantly verified by the supervisor.


I am allowed to work as a therapist by having completed a Master's degree studies in psychology at the SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities, the First Degree Training in Solution Focused Therapy and Training in Cognitive- Behavioural Therapy. In addition, I am a graduate of postgraduate studies in sports psychology.



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I try to constantly improve my working space by participating in various types of mental training and courses, based on the latest research. In my profession I follow the principles contained in the Psychologist's Code of Ethics.

When conducting therapy sessions, I am above all authentic and supportive. I make every effort to understand the point of view and the way my patients act.


When they fall, it's my job to help them get up. The effectiveness of  my methods is confirmed by the increased number of satisfied results of patients.


Dozens of opinions and important informations about my work can be found on the website I run online consultations.


Privately, I am a fan of sport, including endurance training, stretching and hiking. I love spending time in nature, especially in the mountains.




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Tel: 47 920 79 336

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